My Chaos Cultists

My Chaos Cultists

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A short update

I haven't been updating. Partly because I was pretty upset with the nerf bat taken to my daemon princes, and didn't want to spread a bunch of negativity.

What have I been working on? I went in on the Stormclaw boxset so now I have a bunch of Space Wolves. Some of which are painted. I would love to show you guys pictures but for some reason the blogger app on my phone  doesn't want to publish any entries with photos. If you would like to see what I have so far you can check me out on Instagram, username: tannibal_lecter

As for playing, I really haven't been playing much since the FAQ's came out. I'm working on a narrative so there might be some wacky games to document soon.

I have sworn off Facebook warhammer groups as well due to shitty people being shitty. So if you want to chat warhammer with me sometime, feel free to Kik me: username: tannibal_lecter

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Psychic Phase in 7th edition.

This post should maybe be called: I wanna like psykers but don't.

Everyone knows that I play chaos space marines. A lot of my brothers and sisters in chaos like to take gift of mutation on champions. Not this gal! Not only am I am cheap with points (minimal upgrades) but I do not like spending points on something that is not a sure thing. Sure your champion might become a daemon prince, but he also might get absolute garbage.

So how does this relate to psykers? Well I see psykers the same way. I'm paying for mastery levels that MIGHT be useful? Nope. I'm going to use those 75 points from 3 mastery levels to get myself a vindicator instead. I will always choose more dakka.

There is just too much left to chance for me to get behind psykers. If it was just the dice rolling to get your powers off I could understand, but then the chance of just completely losing my 260 point daemon prince through perils? I would flip the game table in a hissy fit of volcanic proportion.

So take a cheaper psyker you say. Yeah okay, but every point matters to me and my cheapo tendencies don't want an HQ model that is so specialized for one phase. Maybe I'm being closed minded, but hey at least you know that if you ever play me I don't have many dice to deny the witch.

Monday, 16 June 2014

7th Edition and Those F%*&ing Cards.

I finally played my first game of 7th edition.

I played with the tactical objective cards and it was really fun. I even won. So why am I disappointed? Because I won, and I had one cultist, one khorne berzerker, and four chaos space marines left. My opponent had half his army left. I can't help but feel that GW introduced these cards to level the playing field between new and veteran players.

Many things are going this way in the world right now. Like those kids who get trophies just for participating in the team sport. That doesn't sound so bad right? Wrong! This is teaching people that you don't need to work hard for accolades. I was preparing for a solid two years of getting my butt handed to me, and now, well...I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I will not learn solid tactics.

So while I feel that the cards are great for friendly play (GW beer league anyone?), I really feel like they are totally inappropriate for tournaments. The purpose of a tournament is to have fun, but isn't it also to test your tactical prowess? Don't people want to win anymore, is simply getting a sticker that says "I'm a super participator!" enough? Isn't friendly competition healthy and great for developing self esteem?

Keep in mind that the purpose of this blog is to follow me as I  prepare for my first tournament. I'm interested in how everyone else feels about these cards. Do you absolutely love them? Do you loathe them completely or maybe you are like me and you feel like they have a certain place in 40K?